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Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cup

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The Aisle Cup is a reusable silicone menstrual cup that can be worn for up to 12 hours, so you can sleep, swim, stretch & slay all day. 

Size Guide:

Choose size A: if you're new to cups or have trouble inserting tampons.

hoose size B: if you've given birth or have a weak pelvic floor.


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questions & answers

When should I replace my cup?

Inspect your cup regularly for signs of deterioration such as a sticky or powdery film, severe discoloration or odor, etc. If you detect any of these signs, or if you experience irritation, it's time to replace it! Once a year is a good rule of thumb.

What if I need to empty it in a public bathroom?
What's the best way to clean my cup after use?
Which size should I choose?
How are menstrual cups different from tompons?